Character Spotlight: Gypsy (DC Comics)

By: Groovy DC

With Cynthia Reynolds, AKA Gypsy, set to make her debut on CW’s Flash, it seems like a great time to briefly go over her comic history.

First appearance: Justice League of America Annual #2 (October 1984)


Cynthia Reynolds was born into a seemingly normal life in the American suburbia. Although she lived a rather uneventful, peaceful life under the care of her parents, Edward and June Reynolds, a rift soon grew between them once her brother was born. This led to Cynthia being abused, both physically and emotionally by her parents. Once Cynthia reached puberty, she developed the ability to camouflage both herself and her surroundings (you know meta-human stuff, “totes” not a mutant). With these newfound abilities, she ran away from her family, and took off to the city of Detroit (I guess you can say that “she took the midnight train—or bus in her case, going anywhere” …). Once in Detroit, she made the Cameron Street neighborhood her new home. There she used her abilities to protect its inhabitants, becoming both a hero and an urban legend in that area. From there, she took on the identity of “Gypsy” and styled her dress after her vagabond’s namesake. Her adoption of the “Gypsy” title is not at random though, as she is a descendent from a line of Romani people, something she usually keeps to herself due to her knowing about the centuries of persecution her people faced.


Her acts of heroism lead her to becoming a member of the newly formed “Justice League Detroit,” a team of heroes that located in Detroit after the original Justice League’s Watchtower headquarters crashed. Team members included: Aquaman, Batman, Elongated Man, Martian Manhunter, Steel (Hank Heywood III), Vibe, Vixen, and Zatanna. This team lasted a few years until Dr. Ivo sent out several androids to kill members of the team. Although one of the androids was successful in killing Cisco/Vibe (I guess his geeky reference couldn’t save him in this world), another was unable to kill Gypsy as she learned that it has a conscience and convinces it to let her live. From there it took her to her parents’ home. There she makes-up with her parents and lives a happy normal life—sadly this is not the case, as this was merely the start of another unfortunate event in her life. Her peaceful domestic life short-lived when the villain Despero suddenly comes crashing into her peaceful domestic life and murders her parents (‘cause comics don’t allow people to have a happy family life). Before Despero could kill Gypsy, she is saved by Martian Manhunter. With nowhere else to go, Booster Gold recruits her into a corporate-sponsored team, Conglomerate, for a brief period.


After forming a close, father/daughter-like relationship with Martian Manhunter, she joins him in another short-lived team, Justice League Task Force, a team formed by United Nations representative, Hannibal Martin. During the team’s run, Gypsy found herself facing a few challenges. One of which was that she had deal with being on the same team with a “different version” of Despero, who was not the same being that killed her parents (‘cause comics). Then, on her last mission she faced the villain, Baron Űman von Mauler, who is wholly convinced that Gypsy is his dead wife, Nakia (‘cause with a name that crazy you have to live up to it). After beating him, Gypsy proceeds to hitchhike to Romania.


She later briefly join’s Barbara Gordon/Oracle’s Birds of Prey, as her abilities could be effectivity utilized for stealthy undercover missions. One of which includes helping Vixen with an old case.


Her last appearance (in the “pre-new 52” timeline) was when she aided Justice League team members: Vixen and Doctor Light, fight against Black Lantern-possessed, deceased Justice League Members, including Vibe.

Later, Barry goes and F&$%s-up the timeline and creates the “New 52” universe. There, Gypsy gets a completely new origin. In this new timeline, she is a vagabond from another dimension. When separated from her nomadic tribe, she gets trapped in the “New 52 Universe,” where she is captured and imprisoned by Amanda Waller, who believes she is a being that has come to Earth to declare war. She eventually escapes and joins Cisco Ramone, AKA Vibe, in hopes that he could use his ability to travel through different dimensions to help her rejoin her inter-dimensional tribe.


With her appearance in CW’s Flash, it appears that her character’s origin is mostly inspired by her New 52 version.


Powers include: Illusion Casting, Invisibility, Fear Projection, Telepathy, Astral Projection, and Limited Precognition.

Skill Set: Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat / Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Computer Operation, Electrical Engineering, and Firearms.